Personal Retreats


Personal Retreats at the Casa Zen are a wonderful way to combine quiet time and spiritual inspiration. Retreats are an opportunity to enjoy your own natural rhythms in an extraordinary setting.

In Costa Rica you will find rain forests, cloud forests, tropical beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, mountains, beautiful wildlife—and friendly Ticos. A retreat might include time for writing, meditation, yoga, study, reading, or simply quiet time away from the normal routines of your everyday life.

At the Casa Zen, you will find a natural and contemplative environment conducive to rest and renewal. On your retreat, you are free to schedule your own time or, if you wish, we can provide suggestions for retreat schedules. You are always welcome to join our daily meditation sessions.

Those on personal retreat provide and prepare their own vegetarian meals. Bedding is supplied. Retreatants may use the library, meditation room and other areas. We have a fine collection of books on Buddhism and Eastern spirituality as well as many audio tapes.


We are happy to provide you with a variety of information about:

    • Studying at local Spanish classes
    • Visits to volcanoes
    • Hiking in rain and cloud forests
    • Trips to tropical beaches
    • Visits to local museums such as the Gold Museum and the Jade Museum
    • Trips to volcanic hot springs
    • Transportation arrangements
    • Volunteer work


The Casa Zen is happy to accommodate small groups of children from schools or other organizations, provided they are accompanied by teacher, parents, or chaperones. For such groups we have a short orientation on Buddhism and can arrange a workshop on Zen meditation.

  • Accommodations

    Rooms are simple, but comfortable. When available, visitors are given a small house connected to the Casa Zen that has a private bathroom.

  • Fee & Meals

    All accommodations are $25 per day per person. You are welcome to use the Casa Zen kitchen to prepare your vegetarian meals.

  • Registration

    The Registration Form is a fillable Word document which can be completed in Word, then saved and e-mailed to the Casa Zen.