Training Programs

June 2013 Trainees

The power of the wisdom attained by practicing meditation in the world of desire
is like the lotus that rises from fire; it can never be destroyed.        —Zen Master Yung-chia

Each day trainees attend:

  • Zazen
  • Chanting
  • Work Practice
  • Private Instruction or Dokusan
  • Teisho, talks, or Study Group
  • Guidance in bringing Zen practice into everyday life
Training Programs at the Casa Zen offer the discipline of Zen training through total immersion. Although the Casa Zen is not a monastery, trainees are in a monastic-like environment.


Training Programs help anyone—no matter their age, occupation, or previous exposure to spiritual disciplines—learn more about Zen practice.

Trainees strengthen their Zen training while learning to practice meditation “in the midst of the world of desire.” The ultimate aim of Training Programs is to develop the mind of the lotus rising from the fire.

Daily Schedule and Requirements

During the Training Program there is an enhanced daily schedule of sittings, private instruction, and talks. Attendance at all activities is required for trainees. It is also a requirement for trainees to stay at the Casa Zen during the course of the program. The Training Program begins at 9:00 a.m. on the starting day and ends at 5:30 p.m. on the closing day.

Who May Apply

Anyone who has previously attended an Introductory Workshop at the Vermont Zen Center or another Center in its lineage (e.g., Toronto, Rochester) and who is in good physical and emotional health may apply. Please call or e-mail the Zen Center about your application if you have any questions.

To Register

The Application Form is an on-line submission. For Vermont Training Programs only: Please read “Information for Trainees” before arriving for the Training Program. Next Vermont Training Program: July 22-27, 2018.

Training Programs